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Trading Seminars from Guy Cohen's OVI Private Traders Club

The date of Guy Cohen’s annual seminar has been announced for 30th November – in good time this year to allow private traders lots of opportunity to ensure they are in the right place at the right time to benefit.

Guy’s OVI Private Traders Club members continue to benefit from his methodical approach to trading with maximum security but taking profits to the max when the opportunity arises.

If you have not yet joined and want to see the man in person before you make that commitment then stick your name and email in the box on the right to get first opportunity to book when the doors open.


Already convinced?

If you are already convinced about the effectiveness of Guy Cohen’s trading strategies – especially his unique OVI indicator, then you just need to sign up for his next annual workshop and sign up here:


Alternatively, if you have yet to be persuaded then Guy has made a video series to take you painlessly through the process.  To watch them you need to start here:


Can’t make the date or location?

If you can’t get to London on Saturday, 1st December – or you just can’t spare the time to attend then fear not; Guy will be recording the whole event on DVD.  Pre-order now to make sure you get your copy of what is probably the most effective and secure trading strategy available today.


Look forward to seeing you on 1st December.



The Insider Edge - Guy Cohen's latest book

The Insider Edge

The Insider Edge: How to Follow the Insiders for Windfall Profits” is the title of Guy Cohen’s latest book in which he explains how his proprietary indicator, the OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) can be used with easily identifiable chart patterns to provide robust trading strategies for both novice and experienced traders.

Those new to the OVI often puzzle over what it is and why it might work so well.  In ‘The Insider Edge’ Guy explains how data from the options markets can be used to lift the veil from the intentions of the big players in the markets who cannot trade the open markets for fear of revealing their hand in advance.

As such, the OVI provides an inside view of the big player’s next moves.  When combined with savvy trading strategies based on secure and reliable methods on which Guy’s whole trading strategies have been based from the very beginning this is an advantage that really can give the private trader the ‘edge’.

Well worth picking up from Amazon (just click the link – and no, it’s not an affiliate link!) to give you an insight into the whole basis of Guy Cohen’s Private Trader Club before you take the plunge.


Want to get 12 months free access to Guy Cohen’s Flag Trader training and online tools?  And 2 months access to his Private Traders Club membership site and his OVI indicator?

Scraping The Barrel

I know they're in here somewhere!

Well don’t go signing up for the products – because you can still benefit from the bonus package attached to his last  ‘Informed Trader’ seminar.

At his last seminar Guy introduced his proprietary OVI indicator that is proving so popular – and also threw in 12 months free access to his Flag Trader training package and online tools PLUS 2 months access to his Private Traders Club.

You might have missed the seminar but we still have just a few of the DVD recordings available – with the 2 bonuses still available – and we really would like to get that barrel emptied so we can claim our money back from the wine merchants!

So don’t forget that for the same price you would normally pay for Flag Trader you will get:

  • Flag Trader training
  • Plus 12 months free access to the online Flag Trader tools
  • PLUS 2 months free access to Private Members Club  subscription membership site
  • PLUS the full recording of the days events at Guy’s ‘Informed Trader’ seminar when he explained how best to use his proprietary OVI indicator to further improve your trading security.

If you are not sure what you get in Flag Trader then click here to read a full review of Flag Trader.

Then come back here to find the whole package at:  http://bit.ly/GuysSeminarDVD

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